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Groovy Off to Addis Ababa

Ballanta’s jazz band Groovy Colours who are also staff at Sierra Leone’s prestigious music academy has departed for the second East African Global Music Campus in Addis Ababa this week. The seven musicians will be there for three weeks, developing a proper professional training programme for young musicians.

The programme is co-funded by the Goethe Institut and the European Union. The training is based on a curriculum prepared by the Global Music Academy of Berlin. Along with their East African counterparts from Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, and South Sudan they will learn how to use a new music education system for professional music education based on African music in the region.

Last year, with the sponsorship mainly provided by Freetown Nominees, the trainees were introduced to the curriculum for Body Percussion, Rhythmic Reading and Writing, Harmony and Keyboard Harmony. They also received Main Instrument lessons and Ensemble classes.

Will Ramsay, artistic director of the programme says:

‘Ultimately the program will allow all the institutions participating to develop their own professional music education programs focussed on their own musical culture and equip them with the skills to transcribe and transform their rich music traditions into modern teaching materials for the benefit of the society at large’

Something good is happening with music education. Something good is happening to Sierra Leone. Let us support music education. Let us support Ballanta.

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