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Michael Bismark Kamara

Michael Bismark Kamara teaches drums (drumkit) and keyboard group class. He is the drummer with Groovy Colours Band. ‘I want to be a great musician not only in performance but also in teaching as I want to reach the highest level in my music career’. When he attended the World Voice workshop run by the British Council he added many new ideas which he uses for class singing.

He’s pursuing the Global Music Academy course and is enjoying the new perspectives in his specialization.



Leslie Cummings-Wray is the Senior Teacher at Ballanta Academy of Music. He covers theory of music, keyboard, guitar and saxophone. He is a practicing musician. He sings with the Ballanta Music Makers and plays the lead guitar for the Groovy Colours band. He is also attending the course given by the Global Music Academy.



Musa Sam Ganda is a versatile multi-instrumentalist especially on the trombone and African instruments. He is the sound technician for the academy. Starting at the age of ten, he joined the St. Edwards’ Secondary School Band. He also loved to sing and play at church. He’s with Five Star Ensemble at the academy and has gained the intermediate and advanced level ensemble certificate ABRSM with this group.



Raymond Babatunde Faux is a multi-talented musician. At the Ballanta Academy of Music he teaches music theory, keyboard, recorder and brass instruments. He has been a teacher at Tower Hill Kindergarten and Primary School, Jofren, Betherl Temple, Grace School of Science, the Lebanese School, Kidzone and Padmal.

Currently Head of Brass at the Ballanta Academy of Music and director of Five Star Brass Ensemble.

He is also the director of Music at the National Secondary School Brass Band, and Bethel W.A.M. Church Choir. He has served as director of music at the Prince of Wales School Band, the St. Edward’s Secondary School Band and Jofren Pre-School Band.



Christopher Jonathan James teaches piano, organ, theory of music and voice at the Ballanta Academy of Music, and supervises the Ballanta Music Studio. He is also currently the deputy organist at Buxton Memorial Methodist Church in Freetown. He participated in the organ workshop and training at both Magdalene and Trinity Colleges in Cambridge. In the UK he attended many concerts and church services and performed with an orchestra in Bach’s Christmas Oratorio. His experiences with several renowned churches in the UK were channeled by his mentor Alan Childs (GRSM) an ABRSM examiner. He was invited to the think-tank seminar in Beijing, China in June 2017.



Christobert James Laundeh has had over seven years’ experience working with high-profile schools, choirs, brass bands, jazz bands, groups and business institutions. He is a teacher at the Ballanta Academy of Music.

He specializes in teaching a variety of instruments including piano, voice, bass guitar, recorder, drums and conducting, drums and selected indigenous instruments. He has had extensive experience training and conducting choirs, brass bands, jazz bands and music groups for major performances and competitions both locally and for international programmes.

He has had experience conducting musical workshops for businesses seeking growth and productivity of their businesses and staff development. He has worked with several different church choirs in Freetown, Bo, Makeni, Bonthe, Moyamba and many more.

Currently he’s the director of the renowned Groovy Colours, the jazz band of the Ballanta Academy of Music, and assistant director of the Ballanta Music Makers, the choral group of the Ballanta Academy of Music.



Mohamed Dainkeh teaches keyboard and piano for little ones. He is the keyboardist at the New Life Church (Aberdeen branch).
‘I want to be a great musician not only in performance but also in teaching as I want to reach the highest level in my music career especially in Jazz and Keyboard playing. When I attended the World Voice workshop run by the British Council I added many new ideas which I now use for classroom teaching, for students at the academy and also for away students.
I have been in the music teaching field for nine years teaching in various schools in the city such as; Kingdom Heritage Model School (KHMS WINNERS CHAPEL) and JT Reffell French Friendship Memorial School where I’m currently teaching part time. I really like the children’s classes.
I also compose songs in local languages especially in THEMNE which i speak very well, i have composed a lot of songs in our local languages for Primary schools like JT Reffell, Winners Chapel School etc and also Hotels like Bintumani in their rehabilation ceremony where i composed a song titled BINTUMANI HOTEL NA FINE HOTEL”
I’m a final year student at the University of Sierra Leone reading for a B.Sc. in Business Administration.’



Isha Mamasa Sesay is the Admin Assistant at the Ballanta Academy of Music. She assists in the day-to-day operation of the academy, overseeing and handling office and other administrative duties. Some of these include ensuring proper maintenance and storage of files and documents. She receives and directs students and visitors as well as prepares student ID cards, students’ progress report sheets and teachers’ time tables. She monitors the progress of various assignments given to staff to ensure that the principal is kept fully informed on all matters requiring immediate attention.

Before joining the academy Isha worked as Admin Assistant at Type Tech Computer Training Center in freetown. She was also continuity announcer at Skyy Women’s World Network FM 106.6 in Freetown and a Voter Identification Officer for National Electoral Commission during the 2007 and 2012 national elections.

Isha is an ardent lover of music, particularly saxophone performances. She loves working with children. The children of the Saturday Music-and-Dance classes love Isha.

Admin assistant

Ballanta has a team of teachers and Admin staff who are committed to fulfilling the dreams of learners.

We have experienced and talented instructors for teaching all styles and levels of music. Our teachers work with their students to bring them to the point where they have the ability to play and enjoy their creativity in music.

The Full and Part-Time Teachers

Leslie Cummings-Wray, Raymond B. Faux, Christobert James Laundeh, Christopher Jonathan James, Peter Snell, David S. Koroma, Mohamed Dainkeh, Jennylene Cole, Simeon Bangura, Musa Sam Ganda, Michael Kamara and Kitty Fadlu-Deen.

Our fun and friendly Admin staff will be more than happy to serve you in any way they can.

Administration Staff

Principal a.i.: Dr. Kitty C.S. Fadlu-Deen
Administrator: Isha M. Sesay
Mohamed Mansaray